EMG Salient Arms International Limited Run BLU Airsoft Training Weapon with Hand Stippled Frame and CNC Steel Slide by G&P


  • Lightweight, rugged injection molded polymer frame designed off of the original SAI specifications for optimized ergonomics
  • Steel machined slide with lightening cuts, aggressive slide serrations with SAI rollmarks
  • Fiber optic front sight and SAI rear sight, designed specifically for single handed manipulation
  • SAI brass color removable backstrap and magazine release for added weight to enhance balance while shooting
  • Frame integrated 20mm accessory rail is ideal for mounting weapon lights and other accessories
  • Beveled magazine well for improved reloads
  • Threaded, fluted SAI style outer barrel with 14mm negative threading
  • Hand stippled frame to look and feel like the real SAI BLU
Designed, manufactured and marketed, entirely in house by Salient Arms, the SAI BLU is the first production handgun from SAI. Using feedback from real world users, Salient Arms developed the SAI BLU to fill the void between M&P ergonomics and Glock reliability. With aggressive cocking serrations, ergonomically designed grip and trigger guard and interchangeable backstraps the SAI BLU is designed to perform under the most rigorous and austere of conditions, no matter what the shooter requires of it.

EMG has furthered their collaboration with Salient Arms International with the long awaited EMG BLU. Designed closely with the geniuses at SAI and RA-Tech, the EMG / RA-Tech / SAI BLU is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible offering shooters and enthusiasts the most realistic training analog available. Featuring a durable polymer frame, machined steel slide and barrel assembly, the EMG / RA-Tech / SAI BLU not only looks like its real deal cousin, it feels like it as well. Authentic rollmarks and branding top off the look, making it almost impossible to differentiate the 6mm version, from the 9mm version.

This limited run custom variant of the BLU offers a hand stippled frame, manufactured to our specifications by longtime Airsoft manufacturer, G&P. Made from a grade of polymer similar to that used in the firearms industry, and reinforced for maximum rigidity, this custom frame looks and feels indistinguishable from the real thing. The stipple work offers an aggressive texture that gives you a rock solid no-slip purchase on the grip of the gun but remaining comfortable enough so that it is not shredding your hands. The CNC machined steel slide mirrors the look and feel of the real thing. The lightening window cuts remove enough weight from the steel slide that when combined with the stiffer recoil spring offer a snappy recoil impulse. The trigger tuning done to this custom pistol gives it a discernible take up to a pronounced wall in which the break is a crisp, light 2-3 pounds. The trigger reset is an audible and tactile click to aid the shooter with rapid follow-up shots.
Included with the pistol is a rugged yet stylish hard carrying case with custom laser cut high-density foam.

Dimensions: 210mm x 135mm
Magazine: 25+1 rounds. Designed for use with EMG SAI-17 CO2 magazines
Holster Compatibility: The SAI BLU is not compatible with most molded glock holsters
Gas Type: Green Gas (Compatible w/ AW Custom magazines w/ G&P base plates)
Firing Mode: Semi Automatic, Safety
System: Gas Blowback
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Carrying Case, and Manual

FPS Range: 315-350 (with 6mm .20g BB)

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