EMG F-1 Firearms Mock Bolt Plate for APS M4/M16 Airsoft AEGs (Model: Glossy Black / Electric Blowback)


  • Stamped construction
  • Factory replacement component
  • For use in APS EBB gearboxes
  • F-1 trademarked and licensed mock bolt plate
Based in the great state of Texas, F-1 Firearms has become one of the premier brands in semi-automatic sporting rifles. Utilizing premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes, F1 produces firearms that are lighter, stronger, more accurate and built to more demanding tolerances than their competition. F-1 Firearms are designed to stand out from the crowd, with an F-1 rifle, not only will you look better than the rest, you'll shoot better than the rest.

Compatibility: For APS Electric Blowback airsoft M4/M16 AEG rifles
Material: Aluminum alloy

Manufacturer: EMG

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