EMG/SAI QD Rail with JailBrake Muzzle Device (Model: Gas Blowback Rifles / Carbine Length)


  • Fully licensed Salient Arms International Product manuyfactured by EMG
  • SAI tool-less QD system allows used to change rail systems with ease
  • QD system allows for different rails to be configured for different environments
  • Compatible with M-Lok accessories
  • Full length 20mm accessory rail for optics or other accessories
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • 17" overall with JailBrake muzzle device
  • Stamped SAI trademarks
The SAI proprietary rail is a unique, first of its kind, quick change rail system that allows for easy in the field configurations, with no tools and without the loss of zero. The JailBrake muzzle device is neither a concussion reduction device nor a simple muzzle break, it reduces recoil, flash and concussion, regardless of the muzzle device or flashhider used underneath it

Color: Black
Length: 17" (With muzzle device) 13.75" (without muzzle device)
Compatibility: For G&P, Western Arms and other compatible Gas Blowback Airsoft rifles
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Manufacturer: EMG, Licensed by Salient Arms International

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