EMG / SAI / Fight Club Custom Limited Edition AR-15 GRY Training Rifle (Model: PTW / Carbine)

The Salient Arms International GRY AR-15 rifle lives at the cutting edge of firearm design. Developed by the master craftsmen at Salient, the GRY offers a unique choice for the discerning customer in a sea of cookie cutter AR-15s. The GRY is not just a wall hanger or a safe-queen, like all Salient Arms weapons the GRY was developed to function in the harshest environments, under the worst conditions and look good doing it. The crown of the GRY is Salient Arms patented JailBrake muzzle device and proprietary rail. The SAI proprietary rail is a unique, first of its kind, quick change rail system that allows for easy in the field configurations, with no tools and without the loss of zero. The JailBrake muzzle device is neither a concussion reduction device nor a simple muzzle break, it reduces recoil, flash and concussion, regardless of the muzzle device or flashhider used underneath it. The GRY is the end result of Salients dedication to cutting edge innovation, reliability and craftsmanship.

Salient Arms International (SAI), a cutting edge and innovative forerunner in the firearms industry based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, provides expert gun smith services for a wide range of firearms. Catering to the demanding requirements of military, law enforcement, civilian, and even competition shooters; Salient Arms International identifies a weapons weaknesses and shortcomings and provide problem solving solutions to push the envelope of performance out of each weapon system. Bringing out the full potential of each weapon system provides the user with a huge advantage as well as boosted confidence in situations where seconds can mean the difference between success and failure, winning or losing.

In the hierarchy of Airsoft training implements there are a number of platforms that compete for the top slots. However, without a doubt, the top of the stack is the Systema PTW platform. Originally designed in Japan for use by military and law enforcement units as an affordable and realistic training analog, the PTW, or professional training weapon, has gained a faithful following among Airsofters as the pinnacle of battery powered Airsoft design. Utilizing advanced planetary gears and an advanced electronic firing control unit PTWs provide unmatched trigger response, performance and consistency that simply cannot be matched by regular AEGs.

The EMG X Salient Arms GRY PTW is not just simply a dressed up PTW rifle. G&P developed the SAI GRY PTW in conjunction with Fight Club Customs, the premier source for the highest quality PTW components and custom work. Collectively with EMG, both FCC and G&P pored over the smallest technical and aesthetic details to make the GRY PTW the most visually accurate and highest performing PTW out there. The external components, the CNC machined upper and lower receiver, CNC machined handguard and JailBrake muzzle device were all manufactured by G&P while the internal components are FCC through and through, including their advanced hop-up set, advanced CPU selector switch and Gen2 Mini MOSFET.


  • Precision CNC machined aluminum alloy receiver is a 1:1 scale reproduction of an Authentic SAI GRY receiver
  • Realistic stamped SAI trademarks
  • CNC machined Salient Arms proprietary quick change M-LOK handguard
  • CNC machined SAI JailBrake muzzle device
  • Fight Club Custom ambidextrous torque gearbox
  • Fight Club Custom Gen3.5 motor offers higher performance with lower heat dissipation
  • Fight Club Custom selector switch board allows for use of LiPo batteries and provides a more stable and faster signal transfer
  • Fight Club Custom advanced CPU gives the user the ability to choose between full auto and three round burst
  • FCC advanced hopup system allows for more sensitive hopup adjustment and is constructed from durable brass and metal aluminum alloy
  • Shoots consistently at 380 FPS
  • CNC machined magazine catch and mock bolt catch
  • Ambidextrous rear sling point
  • Steel buffer tube with 7 position adjustable crane style stock
  • Polymer flip up front and rear back up sights
  • Includes 14mm negative / 14mm positive adapter
  • Extremely limited edition, 1 of a kind PTW
Length: 820mm / 900mm Adjustable
Weight: 6.13)
Inner Barrel: ~363mm
Magazine Capacity: 120rd PTW magazine. Compatible with PTW type magazines
Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Thread Direction: 14mm positive with 14mm negative adapter
Gearbox: Fight Club Custom ambidextrous PTW gearbox
Motor: FCC Gen3.5 PTW motor
Fire Modes: Semi, Full-Auto/3-round burst, Safety
Battery: 11.1v Lipo Butterfly recommended (Battery not included. Wired to stock with small Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Jailbrake muzzle device

Manufacturer: EMGxSAI / Fight Club Custom

EMG SAI GRY AEG User Manual can be found HERE

EMG AEG Starter Manual can be found HERE

FPS: 380 (with 6mm .20g BB)

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