EMG Black Rain Ordnance Officially Licensed BRO SPEC15 Full Metal M4 Receiver Set (Color: Black)

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  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Billet styled design
  • Officially licensed design by Black Rain Ordnance with BRO SPEC15 trademarks
Black Rain Ordnance is a true American success story. Founded in 2009, BRO manufactures high end, 100% US made modern sporting rifles with a unique profile and set of specifications. BRO is one of the few manufacturers of AR platforms in the US that uses 100% US sourced metals to produce their own rifle parts in house. The resulting rifles are extremely high quality and high performance. With their drive for quality and performance, Black Rain Ordnance is now recognized as one of the foremost manufacturers of modern sporting rifles in the world.

Compatibility: Built for King Arms Quick Change Version 2 Gearbox, Fits most Airsoft Version 2 AEG gearboxes
Material: Aluminum alloy

Manufacturer: EMG / Black Rain Ordnance (OEM: King Arms)

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