EMG Noveske KX5 Flash Hider w/ Built-In Spitfire Rechargeable Tracer (Color: Black / 14mm CCW)

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  • Built-in Lithium Battery. A fully charged battery can provide 4 hours of use
  • Low battery reminder function to protect your battery's life
  • Licensed from Noveske w/ laser engraved trademarks and logos
  • Built in motion sensing which can maintain up to 35RPS tracking
  • Two modes: "fire" simulation on and off
  • Automatic flash when your gun is fired 3 times
  • Water resistant
Size: Approx. 90mm x 32mm x 40mm
Weight: 70g
Thread: 14mm Negative
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Package includes: Tracer Unit, Micro USB Charging Cable, 11mm Positive adapter

  • Do not allow the battery to fully drain. Keep the battery charged. Using the product until the battery is completely depleted can cause permanent damage to the battery and it's life.
  • Do not overcharge this item. Please charge the product at a maximum of 30 minutes. Overcharging the battery can be hazardous and can damage it.

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