EMG Ultimate M-LOK Rail Covers (Color: Black / 3 Pack)

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  • Easily customized for multiple applications to meet the shooter's requirements - can be used as full-length 160mm strips, or cut down individually / into any combination of 40mm segments
  • Line guides are pre-molded on the backside of each strip for easy-to-follow cutting instructions
  • Easily segmented with a safety razor, scissors, or any sharp blade
  • Made from highly durable & flexible high-density rubber
  • Aggressive non-slip and non-reflective surface w/ EMG logo pattern for added grip
  • Ultra slim design sits flush with the handguard
  • Bi-directional M-LOK tabs securely lock the cover in place
  • Pack of 3 160mm full-length strips (each strip cuts down into 4 individual 40mm segments)
Length: 160mm (full length per strip)
Width: 20mm
Compatibility: M-LOK Rails
Material: High-density Injection Molded Rubber

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