EMG Mid-Cap Magazine for EV01 / EV02 Series Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Type: 45 Round / Black)


  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Ribbed body provides superior grip
  • High quality markings on body
  • Dot matrix field to personally mark your magazines
  • High tension spring provides reliable feeding
Compatibility: For EMG Helios EV01, EV02, Amoeba Striker S1 and other compatible Airsoft sniper rifle
Capacity: 45 rounds
Materials: Polymer

Why Mid-Cap Magazines?
Mid-Capacity magazines offer stealth operation by eliminating BB rattle often experienced with Hi-Caps. They feed smoother than Hi-Caps due to their high tension internal spring, similar to a real steel magazine. Since 470 round Hi-Capacity magazines don't exist in real life, a good amount of Mil-Sim players prefer Mid-Cap magazines for an even more realistic type of gaming experience.

Due to the design of all Mid-Cap magazines, they actually function better once you break them in. To do so spray some light silicone oil into the magazine, load and unload it a few times until BB's feed smoothly. This process breaks in the internal spring allowing it to function without problems each and every time.

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