EMG Battle Cruiser 40" Hard Rifle Case w/ Loop Morale Patch Space & PNP Foam (Color: Black / EMG Logo)


  • High quality, durable polymer construction
  • Dense internal foam keeps your airsoft guns and other belongings safe
  • Pick N' Pluck foam allows you to customize the foam layout of your case to personalize the fit to your items
  • Easy-to-grab handle for carrying your case around
  • Metal latches provide superior durability, making sure your case doesn't come open unexpectedly
  • Spacious loop attachment fields on the front allow for extensive customization with morale patches, name tapes, flags, or anything else you want to attach!
  • Rep your favorite airsoft retailer with the Evike.com or EMG logo options!
Dimensions Exterior: 40.5" x 16.5"
Dimensions Interior: 38.5" x 14"
Material: High Quality Lightweight Impact Polymer, Metal Alloy Latches, Professional Grade Pick N' Pluck Foam

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