EMG "Autobot" 1400rd LiPo-Powered Automatic Electric BB Loader (Color: Black)


  • The most powerful compact electric Airsoft bb loader there is! Quickly load an EMG / PTS EPM 250 round midcap magazine with ease! Loads the toughest midcap magazine in less than 20 seconds, fully loads GBB mags in 3 seconds or less!
  • Large 1,400 round BB reservoir with locking cover
  • Great for loading multiple magazines in a short amount of time, and best of all, no winding required!
  • High-strength, extremely durable & lightweight DuPont polymer housing / shell.
  • Customizable Dot Matrix strips on both sides of the loader
  • Ultra-smooth, high-polish stainless steel CNC BB loading tube for reliable feeding every time
  • High-power tuned feed motor can load even the stiffest of Airsoft mags
  • High-strength CNC-machined internal gearset for longevity and durability
Looking for a speedloader that makes loading Airsoft magazines super simple? Look no further than the EMG Autobot LiPo-Powered Automatic Electric BB Loader. EMG teamed up with GunPower to create a mini version of their automatic BB loader, with size and specifications to provide ultimate portability, reliability, and ease of use. The Autobot loader comes fully equipped with high-performance internal parts, like the high-power motor that's powerful enough to load even the stiffest of Airsoft mags. The Autobot also features a CNC-machined high-strength steel gearset that provides excellent durability, along with a smooth-polished BB loading tube that guarantees reliable feeding performance.

The Autobot sets the pace when it comes to loading magazines, taking less than 20 seconds to fill a 200rd AEG mid-cap, and less than 3 seconds for GBB and other low-capacity magazines. The sheer speed of the Autobot makes it the perfect choice for loading multiple magazines in a short amount of time, and best of all no winding required!

Further extending the Autobot's utility, the loader can be powered by any 7.4V or 11.1v LiPo battery. The hidden battery compartment provides space for a compact 600mAh Stick LiPo, while the standard Deans connector easily allows the use of many larger battery packs when left outside the unit. Battery life is optimized for all-day use, loading an estimated 90,000 rounds on a single 600mAh LiPo battery pack.

Externally, the Autobot features a full DuPont polymer shell, complete with a customizable Dot Matrix strips on either side. The loader comes complete with a set of 4 different magazine adapters, allowing for use with a wide variety of the most common Airsoft magazines. These adapters securely lock in place with an included set screw, keeping them tightly connected to the loader while in use. The AEG mag adapter also doubles up as an unloading nozzle; Simply lock the adapter into place in the BB reservoir and unload your mags!

Battery: 7.4V and 11.1V LiPo batteries with Deans connector. Battery sold separately (not compatible with batteries higher than 11.1V)
Connector: Deans
Battery Compartment / LiPo Size compatibility: 19mm x 26mm x 73mm
Capacity: 1400 rounds
Material: DuPont Polymer

FPS: 1 (with 6mm .20g BB)

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