EMG Platinum Complete Version 2 Gearbox w/ Motor for M4/M16 Airsoft AEG (Model: Rear Wired)

Model Options:


  • High speed 13:1 short-stroked steel SHS gears and full metal rack piston
  • High torque neodymium magnet motor
  • Quick-change spring system allows for easy spring changes without needing receiver disassembly
  • 350-400 FPS estimated FPS (individual parts and build will affect FPS output)
  • Pre-built at the factory to ensure industry leading QC and parts quality
  • Hybrid 8mm ball bearing / steel bushings for optimal longevity and performance
  • Onboard electronic trigger
  • Wired to the rear with low-resistance silver-coated wire
The EMG Helios Platinum gearbox is the same gearbox you can find in our EMG Helios Umbrella Corporation AEG series. We know that today's airsoft player demands performance from premium internals, so we looked straight to the same upgrades that everyone buys and had them installed in a complete gearbox, right from the factory. By pairing EMG Helios reliability and quality control with durable and very popular upgrades from SHS, the Helios Platinum gearbox is a ready-to-go upgrade that you can install into your gun. SHS parts include: CNC machined aluminum cylinder head, CNC machined aluminum piston head, full metal rack piston, 8mm ball bearings, and high-speed 13:1 steel gears that are short-stroked 4 teeth for improved performance.
Connector Type: Deans
Compatibility: Most Version 2 Airsoft AEGs. QBS system may not be compatible with all receiver types
Material: Aluminum-zinc alloy, Silver coated low-resistance wiring
Pre-Installed Upgrade Parts:
  • 13:1 high-speed SHS steel gears (short-stroked 4 teeth)
  • SHS full metal rack piston
  • SHS CNC aluminum cylinder head
  • SHS CNC aluminum piston head
  • 8mm Ver2 gearbox shell with molded radiused cylinder window and reinforcements
  • High torque neodymium magnet motor (capable of 26 RPS with an 11.1V LiPo battery)
  • Onboard electronic trigger

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