EMG SAI Tier 2 Slide Set w/ RMR Cut for Salient Arms BLU - Standard Series GBB Pistols (Type: Black Slide / Gold Barrel)


  • Precision CNC finished aluminum alloy slide with licensed deep engraved SAI logos and trademarks
  • Direct drop-in replacement for EMG Salient Arms International BLU - Standard Airsoft GBB Pistols
  • Weather resistant black anodized finish
  • Aggressive serrations for positive hand manipulation
  • Slide lightening cuts and facets provide an overall improved recycle rate
  • Gold-plated outer barrel with end threads for mock suppressors
  • Steel thread protector with knurled textured
  • RMR cut allows for the use of your favorite RMR compatible optic
Introducing the Tier 2 Slide set for Salient Arms BLU - Standard GBB Pistols. The Tier 2 slide features aggressive front and top serrations to help with press checks as well as lightening the slide weight. The slide also features cuts for mounting optics such as an RMR and comes with the cover plate as well. Additionally the gold finished threaded outer barrel perfectly accents the slide and gives a unique appearance to your pistol; included is a knurled thread protector.

Weight: Approx. 115g
Thread Direction: 14mm Counter-clockwise
Compatibility: For EMG SAI BLU - Standard and other compatible Airsoft GBB Pistols
Package Includes: Slide, Threaded Barrel, Knurled Thread Protector
Material: Aluminum

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