EMG / Salient Arms International � Thread Protector for SAI BLU Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols (Model: 14mm CCW)

Model Options:


  • Factory Direct OEM replacement
  • Knurled cap for easy handling, even when wearing gloves
  • Common 14mm- (Counter Clockwise) threading fits many of the most common airsoft threaded barrels
  • Designed to work perfectly on the SAI BLU series
Designed to protect the delicate threads of a suppressor ready barrel, the Salient Arms International Convex thread protector is a must have for any Airsofter who uses a sidearm with a threaded barrel. Designed to protect your threads from damage in the field, the Convex thread protector is a essential piece of kit that gives you the piece of mind that the delicate threads on your barrel won't be the cause of your next outer barrel upgrade.

Machined from steel and finished with a wear resistant coating, the chunky, knurled design of the Convex thread protector ensures that you can easily install and remove it in the field with no tools, even when wearing gloves.

Compatibility: 14mm negative threaded barrels
Material: Steel

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