EMG Salient Arms International MOS Magazine for BLU w/ Optic Ready Slide (Model: Standard)

Model Options:


  • Heavyweight, realistic feel; made from aluminum alloy
  • Enlarged baseplate allows for easier reloading and manipulation; licensed Salient Arms design with molded logos on bottom
  • Enhanced gas router seal and high-flow output valve provide improved FPS output
  • Reinforced valves and seals improve gas retention
  • Full 25rd capacity
The EMG BLU series magazines are improved option over standard OEM magazines. Their heavy weight provides an extremely realistic feel, made with aluminum alloy for durability. Key features are the enhanced magazine baseplate, a Salient Arms International licensed design, to greatly improve handling and reloading of magazines.

This new model is specifically created to form a better seal when used in conjuction with our new optic ready BLU pistols!

Compatibility: EMG SAI BLU w/ EMG optic cut slides and Galaxy Series
Capacity: 25 rounds
Gas Type: Green Gas, Black Gas, Propane

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