EMG x Umbrella Armory Multi-Fit 8mm J-Cage Bearing Set for Airsoft AEG Gearboxes (Model: 6 Count)

Model Options:


  • Ultra high quality Japanese stainless steel
  • Utilizes the same reliable design as Umbrella Armory's other 8mm bearings
  • Compatible with most standard 8mm gearboxes
  • Designed to distribute force evenly in caged bearing designs
  • 50 pack is perfect for techs who work on a large quantity of guns, or people who always want spares on hand!
Compatibility: All gearboxes that use 8mm Bearings
Material: Stainless Steel
Package Includes: 6x Bearings

FPS Range: 315-330 (with 6mm .20g BB)

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