EMG Staccato Licensed 2011 Pistol Grip for Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Model: Master Grip / Black)


  • Durable and lightweight polymer construction
  • Fine stippling grip provides superior grip and traction in adverse conditions
  • Officially licensed Staccato logo
The Master grip features one of the most aggressive textures compared to conventional grip stippling. The master grip stippling can be most comparable to the abrasive look and feel commonly associated with skateboard tape. The fine abrasive texture promotes a positive grip on the pistol with or without the use of gloves during adverse conditions. The master grip pattern covers the backstrap, grip panel, front strap and the front of the trigger guard ensuring maximum control of your pistol!
Weight: 80g
Compatibility: EMG 2011 and other compatible Hi-Capa gas blowback pistols
Material: Polymer

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