EMG STACCATO / TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Training Pistol (Model: Green Gas)

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  • Officially licensed Staccato roll marks and logos with TTI laser engraved markings
  • 7075 Aluminum CNC machined slide with glossy finish, with TTI Combat Master marking
  • Alloy middle frame with STACCATO 2011, TTI and US flag markings
  • Aluminum alloy Bull style outer barrel
  • Gen. 2 DS (Double Stack) handmade stippling polymer grip
  • CNC steel magazine release, metal trigger, slide catch and ambidextrous safety levers
  • Functional beaver tail safety
  • Fiber optic front sight (red) and adjustable rear sight
Taran Tactical Innovations is a name synonymous with ultra high performance gun customization and competition inspired accessories. Taran Butler, the founder of Taran Tactical Innovations is a world reknown shooter that has more championship titles across a myriad of competitions than anyone else. An expert with pistols, rifles, and shotguns, Taran Butler holds the title of Grandmaster in both pistol and multi-gun, which further highlights his pedigree in the shooting sports. His expertise as a competitive shooter and as a trainer has given him the insight to spotting crucial areas of improvement for each weapon platform he chooses to run. Each cut, each part tuned, each enhancement made is done with the utmost care and precision with the ultimate goal of becoming faster, more consistent, and more accurate. The miliseconds he buys you on the gun translates to being miles ahead of the competition.

Based in Texas, STI, now Staccato, are the pioneers which brought us the 2011� handgun; borrowing much from Browning's classic 1911 design, Staccato has made various improvements to the weapon to bring it into the modern era of firearms. Some major notable improvements are the custom frame and polymer grips which accepts double stack magazines while at the same time reducing overall weight. Each handgun also incorporates Staccato's FlaTec� shooting technology which results in a much lighter felt recoil allowing the shooter to be faster and more accurate when fractions of a second matter most. Whether for competition, duty, or defense Staccato has a handgun perfectly tailored to the shooter's needs.

EMG is proud to announce our next collaboration project with Staccato and TTI to bring highly detailed, high quality training variants of their handguns to Airsoft; we will be working very closely with both companies to ensure this is the most accurate to the real-life counterpart as possible. These handguns are exceptionally crafted to tight tolerances to mimic the look and feel to that of their real life counterparts. Expert technicians pay close attention to details in tuning to make sure the training replica feels as good and is crisp to shoot like the real thing. The trigger is ultra light and fast which compliments well to the quick cycling slide. The polymer grips are molded and hand-stippled to resemble Staccato's Double Stack Gen. 2 grip which has a dotted style design that are both comfortable and incredibly efficient at helping the shooter maintain a positive grip.

Length: 230mm x 145mm
Inner Barrel Length: Approx. 97mm
Weight: 1020g
Magazine: 28+1 rounds. Works w/ EMG double stack 2011 GBB magazines
Gas Type: Green Gas
Firing Mode: Semi Automatic, Safety
System: Gas Blowback
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

FPS Range: 290-340 (with 6mm .20g BB)

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