EMG / PRI Licensed Gen III Round Carbon Fiber Handguard (Color: Black / 12.5")


  • Manufactured with real carbon fiber
  • Carbon fiber construction provides a high weight to strength ratio
  • Extremely lightweight, helps to balance out your rifle to keep it from being too front heavy
  • Free float design gives your rifle a very unique look while at the same time cutting out a hefty chunk of weight
  • Adjustable rail sections allow customization and adding Picatinny rail space as needed
Precision Reflex Inc (PRI) is a very well known and well respected manufacturer of high end rifles and rifle accessories for the AR15 / M4 / M16 family of firearms since 1979.

Probably the most well known would be their involvement with NSWC Crane Division to develop the MK12 Mod-0 Special Purpose Rifle for US special operation units. As part of the proposed SOPMOD special purpose receiver upgrades, this upgrade kit helped bridge the gap between the standard infantry issued M4A1 carbine and SR-25 SASS system.

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is the R&D division of Evike.com which specializes in high end training and custom weapons. EMG works directly with the real firearm manufacturers to make accurate, high quality replications of their weapons.

Compatibility: Most M4/M16 series Airsoft rifles
Material: Carbon Fiber, Polymer, Aluminum Alloy

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