APS CAM870 MKII Shotgun Gas Bolt Conversion Kit (Color: Salient Arms Titanium Nitride)


  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction
  • CNC finished w/ lightening cuts
  • MKII conversion bolt allows gas to be filled directly to the bolt rather than individual shells
  • Heavy duty steel extractor
  • Licensed Salient Arms International trademarks
  • Simulated TiN gold colored finish
About the MKII System: The CAM870 Shotgun by APS has proven itself to be one of the most realistic shotguns in Airsoft. Revered for its realist build and operation and variety of configurations, the APS CAM870 quickly became one of the most popular Airsoft gun on the market over the last few years. After listening to the feedback of Airsofters and industry professionals, APS went back to the drawing board to make the CAM870 even better.

The result is the CAM870 MKII. Identical in exterior design and build quality, the CAM870 MKII retains all of the hallmarks of the original CAM870 such as the pump action and shell ejecting action. APS however, has entirely redesigned the CAM870 gas system for the MKII system. Instead of using a complicated charging rig and having to charge each individual shotgun shell, the MKII gas system holds the gas in the bolt, requiring the user to only have to charge the bolt, reducing time spent loading and cost of shells.

Compatibility: APS CAM 870 / SAI 870 Shell Ejecting Airsoft Shotguns
Material: Aluminum, Steel

Manufacturer: APS

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