EMG SAI-17 Type 17rd CO2 GBB Airsoft Training Magazine for SAI / WE G-Series

The EMG SAI series of WE-Tech G-series magazines replicates the realistic round capacity for their corresponding model. This was done in an effort to further promote practical firearms training with Airsoft GBB pistols. The base of the magazine is made from an extremely durable nylon-reinforced polymer, and has been redesigned for easier grip on the magazine.

The SAI-17 type magazine will fit virtually all of ZEV, ATI, WE G-Series, M-Series, SAI-17, SAI-19, SAI-34 (and compatible) series Airsoft GBB pistols. For shorter grip models such as the 19, the magazine will extend out of the grip.


  • Heavyweight, realistic feel
  • Realistic 17rd capacity
  • Larger magazine base for better grip
  • Mag base made from extremely durable nylon-reinforced polymer
  • Made from high strength metal alloy
  • Uses standard 12g CO2 cartridges
  • CNC Steel Cap
Compatibility: For SAI17, WE-Tech G17 and other compatible G-series Airsoft GBB pistols
Capacity: 17rds
Gas Type: 12g CO2 cartridge

Manufacturer: EMG

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